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Club / Gallery showings and visits from collaborators!

April 4th, 2008 (07:43 pm)

So, last night I recieved a good response showing my work at Dana's new DJ spot, which is in an awesome location with good space. I had two of my best pieces on display, "Sekhmet" and "Feral Steel";


they suited the atmosphere and blended in pretty well with the people lounging and dancing around them. I ran into friends I haven't seen in a while, had a few beers and got all sweaty dancing.
I have my installation at Artomatic coming up and I'm very excited about it, the past two I've participated in have been very successful, and I hope to be better about printing business cards and networking this time around, as I could have established some good connections the last couple times if I was more thorough.
My best friend Mary's fiance, Lauren will be in town on the eleventh. Lauren and Mary are both great singers and songwriters and are both involved in my band The White Chips. Some of our work can be heard here;


I'm hoping to get some music recorded while Lauren is here in town. She'll be accompanied by her friend, Stephanie, who is in town from New York. Stephanie is also a good singer and piano player.
Mary and I met at Pleasure Place when we both worked there in 2004. We began collaborating and have continued with the project by online filesharing since she moved to North Carolina the same year. Mary also began her own project, 'Mary Cross';


which displays her own visionary abilities as a writer, vocalist, and synthesist. has a second project with Lauren called 'Ladybird Disassemble';


Lauren's project, 'Shooting Stars and Satellites';


sounds exactly like its' name, just through her voice and her piano.

I'm lucky to have myself surrounded by creative and musical people who are adventurous, experimental, and innovative. I will post here again this weekend about my industrial metal project with my friend Warlock, and hopefully this month I'll have a whole bio of my solo project, as well as Whitechips and my other collaboration, Enoch 212: