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Behind every front-running nominee, there's a preacher with tourettes...

July 10th, 2008 (05:36 pm)

You know something, this is the first era I have ever seen the DEMOCRATS cleaning up after their patron religious nutjobs. I am so sick of watching prestigious religious leaders make or break the reputations of political leaders with off-the-cuff, inarticulate pronouncements. I believe government should be secularized and self-financed, rather than having to take advice and campaign funds from big-mouthed hypocrites who push a book full of bronze-age myths and a doctrine of ideals none of them even fuckin' follow.
I don't mean to knock the Reverend Jackson too hard, nor Jeremiah Wright... I have stood five feet from Jackson during a protest march and watched him give a speech and I know he cares about people, above and beyond the cross or the kingdom. Jeremiah Wright was a Cardiopulmonary Technician and performed surgery on the president long before he became a preacher. They are self-made men who have seen hard times and taken harsh criticism only to emerge stronger, an example Obama, no doubt, reveres.
SO WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY ALWAYS SAYING SUCH DUMB SHIT?!?!?! I get so pissed at the opportunistic implication of this latest transgression of Jackson's. Obama deserves to be castrated because he's not engaging the black community enough? How is this so? What the FUCK does he need to DO, homeboy, throw on some gold chains? It's not like he should be making a huge show about his race, he's done a very balanced job of avoiding that so far.It was as if the man were spiteful of Obama simply for getting the nomination he wasn't able to during his own presidential bid. Either that, or the guy has a fuckin' brain tumor.
I react to this because I think spiritual advisors of political leaders are given FAR too much relevance and influence, not to mention funding AND airtime. I also don't buy this whole line of shit about white 'priviledge' from ANYONE. Suck it up, assholes... most people in the country are white, sure. And, yes, most RICH people are WHITE. But not all WHITE people are RICH, and the WHITE WORKING CLASS composes more of the population than BLACK working class. You may not have the thirty acres and a fucking mule Abe Lincoln promised, but if you wanna move to fucking Rwanda right now, be my fucking guest. I have been the minority at EVERY job I have worked, and I can back up what I am saying from FIFTEEN YEARS of job experience.
If I didn't know Jeremiah Wright's history before hearing all that "third beat" bullshit he cunted on about for three minutes on teevee, I would've thought he was an "In Living Color" sketch. Were I the lesser man in Obama's shoes, I'd be putting a sock in my beloved pastor's mouth real quick. Men of religion are just loud, bitchy, bad-P.R.-machines, let me tell ya.
Every time some rectum-faced, sphincter-mouthed, shit-talking evangelical sister-fucker with millions of dollars and a midnight infomercial spews bigoted diarrhea on national teevee, there's a right-wing politician to run up and wipe the corners of his lips. I like the fact that Obama will separate church and state enough to distance himself from his personal holy-man-with-tourettes. I don't like much else about him, but it's a step in the right direction, even if it meant stepping on the throat of a priest.
Jesse Jackson has been pardoned by Barack Obama, and rightly should be, as worse things could have been said. None the less, I can't help highlighting the man's flamboyant opportunism when it comes to portraying the black race as a bunch of helpless little fucking victims. If you're the kind of sanctimonious asshole who starts a fucking furor in the streets over a BENIGN term like 'nappy-headed-hoes', then how much room is there for you to 'slip up' on a hot mic with your own dick in your mouth? I'm picturing Don Imus sitting in front of his laptop replaying Jesse's YouTube clip over and over again while chuckling over a mug of stale coffee.
What I hate about the electoral process in this country is that you need your bible up your ass and your flag pinned to your gonads everywhere you go to win the respect of the idiot public. You can be a total retard gimp on the leash of a sweaty, balding, shotgun-wielding geriatric with a tuppeware heart. As long as that flag is pinned to your balls where the people can see em' and that good book is so far up your ass you vomit scripture at senate hearings, you're an okay guy. Seriously, when I am king, all men of god are getting their TONGUES amputated.
I tend to wonder if we are any more sophisticated in this country than the bearded cavemen we are zapping with our ultra-cool new rayguns n' rockets n' shit. We're just led by religious nuts who kill other religious nuts on the advice of religious figures, just like them.
I don't believe in god. I believe in order. I believe in science. I have no faith, and no trust. I worship doubt, and swear allegiance to self-preservation. All the goddamn flags and religious icons in the world won't save us from war, famine, and, well... reality. Let the preachers shout their asses off as they sink in the quicksand of irrelevance and people evolve to start listening to reason.
...or just let them stick to the job of destroying the careers of boring, washed-up, middle-aged, talk-radio douchebags.